Using Twitter

Twitter is a quick and easy way to tell other people what you are doing. The eMonocot website displays a list of the most recent posts (called tweets) relating to the project under the 'Latest News' tab.

Getting Started
1. Go to and sign up for a free account. Preferably use a short name that identifies you, rather than a project name.

2. [optional] Work on your 'bio'. Keep it short and to the point, as you only have 160 characters.

2a. [optional] Upload an image. Your messages will show an image and are the most immediately obvious way toidentify a sender. Use any image you like.

Decide who to follow
3. This allows you to keep track of what you friends are saying, and communicate group related items. Click on the "who to follow" menu at the top of the screen. Enter 'emonocot' into thesearch box and click on the '+follow' icon. The suggestions list will then contain other people following 'emonocot'.

4. Tell people what you are doing by typing into the “What’s happening” box. Remember, you are limited to 140 characters. and

if your post is about eMonocot include the hashtag #emonocot. Hashtags begin with the hash (#) character and are used as labels to help people know what your tweet is about. Tweets containing the #emonocot hashtag are also displayed on the eMonocot website.

Use a third party application
5. There are many applications that help make Twitter easier to manage. We highly recommend TweetDeck. Others include Twhirl (desktop), Twitter for iPhone (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad), or Twidroid (Android).

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