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e-Monocot is a NERC funded consortium between Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Oxford University and the Natural History Museum.


Grant no's 279981, 279984 & 279970. Period, Nov./Dec. 2010 to Oct./Nov. 2013.





e-Monocot has eight major objectives:

  1. To move the taxonomic management of a large taxonomic group and their data online, in a way that is both culturally realistic (there is a motivation for taxonomists and other biodiversity scientists to participate) and financially sustainable (through the commitment of a major biodiversity institute).  
  2. Store taxonomic data in a structured and normalized fashion which will allow it to be more precisely understood and managed, re-used, transformed, and integrated into larger datasets. It will also provide the richer toolset and tailored workflows required by its users to manage taxonomic data, e.g. peer-review, versioned datasets and identification keys.
  3. Deploy the CATE model across the multiple diverse taxonomic communities studying monocot plants
  4. Produce a major biodiversity resource for flowering plants maintained permanently by the expert taxonomic community, working closely with the EOL initiative and other significant biodiversity informatics projects
  5. Web-based treatment of the monocot plants, representing approximately 70,000 species based on the existing unique and authoritative World Checklist of Monocots.  We shall integrate the WCM with the new system and create the tools to allow it to be dynamically updated as new research occurs
  6. Provide software tools to enable biodiversity scientists anywhere in the world to contribute in their areas of expertise/ social structures and working practices to facilitate and manage global interaction
  7. Ensure that the tools developed are compliant with zoological nomenclature
  8. To work with biodiversity informatics partners especially EOL, CBOL and GBIF, to ensure that eMonocot data has maximum impact and use. Ideally carry barcodes on species pages. Link to Monocot phylogeny project outputs (MonATOL, Global Patterns)

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