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e-Monocot is a NERC funded consortium between Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Oxford University and the Natural History Museum.


Grant no's 279981, 279984 & 279970. Period, Nov./Dec. 2010 to Oct./Nov. 2013.




Juncaceae - Our most complete scratchpad yet!

The eMonocot Juncaceae scratchpad ( is now our most complete scratchpad after another 200 descriptions were added by Content team members Odile and Lucy today. Almost all taxa in the scratchpads now complete with a taxon descriptions. Many thanks to publishers ABRS for giving us kind permission to reproduce the content from their series of monographs on the family. Now all we need to make the site look great are some nice photos...contributions welcomed!

Scratchpads developed and conceived by: Vince Smith, Simon Rycroft, Dave Roberts, Ben Scott...