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e-Monocot is a NERC funded consortium between Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Oxford University and the Natural History Museum.


Grant no's 279981, 279984 & 279970. Period, Nov./Dec. 2010 to Oct./Nov. 2013.




H S Bedekar Hemant Bedekar Bedekar

Personal Information
H S Bedekar
Given name(s): 
Hemant Bedekar
Family name: 
self ( retired consultant)
Area of Taxonomic Interest: 
Bamboos of western ghats
What's your favourite monocot and why?: 

Bamboo. Maharashtra ( INDIA) contributed 5% of bamboos in India.It is available every where in the state. its occurrence in forests is significant.But in western ghat of the State mainly it is grown as homestead.It is one of the best species with potential of upliftment of rural masses.

Personal interets/role in project: 

Bamboo study. the non flowering and flowering sps of Pseudoxytnenthera being used by masses.But additional industrial uses are to be culcated on the minds of rural folks.

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