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e-Monocot is a NERC funded consortium between Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Oxford University and the Natural History Museum.


Grant no's 279981, 279984 & 279970. Period, Nov./Dec. 2010 to Oct./Nov. 2013.




Dr. Nura Abdul Karim

Personal Information
Given name(s): 
Family name: 
Abdul Karim
Singapore Botanic Gardens
Area of Taxonomic Interest: 
What's your favourite monocot and why?: 

Orchidaceae is my favourite monocot because this is the family that I had done my mycorrhizal research on and I have found how fascinating the inter-relationship between the plant and the fungi to the survival of the plant.

Personal interets/role in project: 

I am interested in the database of all the monocots as I am very involved in outreach programme and plant identification for the collection in Singapore Botanic Gardens.

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