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e-Monocot is a NERC funded consortium between Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Oxford University and the Natural History Museum.


Grant no's 279981, 279984 & 279970. Period, Nov./Dec. 2010 to Oct./Nov. 2013.




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A tree with “dragons blood” running beneath its bark, a rare mountain top
snowdrop and a critically-endangered orchid were among more than 60 new
species discovered by botanists in the past year.  Read the complete story here.


TDWG 2012 Presentations now online

Presentations from the TDWG 2012 Annual Conference are now available on the TDWG Website

eMonocot at TDWG

eMonocot will be at TDWG 2012 in Beijing-Toward an International Infrastructure for Biodiversity Information. Ben Clark will be giving a talk on the eMonocot project and portal.

Members of the scratchpad team will also be there talking about scratchpads 2.0 and giving a scratchpad demo.

Have a look at the complete program on the TDWG website

Madagascar's palms near extinction

Eighty three percent of Madagascar's palms are threatened with extinction, putting the livelihoods of local people at risk- according to the latest update of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species released this week by the The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Grass identification workshop held in Madagascar

Find out how Kew staff helped local scientists in Madagascar learn to identify unique and endangered species of grasses in an identification workshop.

eMonocot Portal First Public Release

We are pleased to announce that the eMonocot Portal is fast approaching it's first public release.  Very shortly you will find your link to will no longer take you to this project scratchpad but to the Portal itself.  You will still be able to access the eMonocot project scratchpad at it's new address, although there may be a short period when it is unavailable while the changes are being made.

Dioscorea strydomiana and Tahina spectabilis listed in the World's most threatened species report, released by  The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) today.

eMonocot at Lyme Regis Fossil Festival

This weekend members of  the eMonocot team will be found at the Lyme Regis Fossil festival passing on their enthusiasm about monocot plant. We will have a stand demonstrating project e-resources and also be leading two Monocot walks. The walks will  incorporate a mini bioblitz to record as many monocot plants of the area as possible. Keep an eye on the Lyme Regis Geo-Bio Blitz scratchpad to see what we find.  Lets hope for good weather.

Flora Zambesiaca Araceae - Just Published

Many Congratulations to Anna Haigh and her collaborators on the recent publication

Haigh, A. & Boyce, P. (2012). Araceae. In J.R. Timberlake & Martins, E.S. (eds.) Flora Zambesiaca Volume 12(1). Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, pp. 1-54.

Exploring the Grasslands of Madagascar

On the 3rd February Maria Vorontsova presented a Nature Live event at the Natural History Museum on Exploring the Grasslands of Madagascar. She talked about the species of grasses found on the island and if we should conserve these ecosystems.

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